Payment and Shipping

We have as many payment options available as possible. If you have any requests for new payment methods you can always send us a message.

We never state any marijuana related content on transaction descriptions, bills or invoices.


Cash is private and safe. By paying through cash, we will give you additional seeds, as a way of thanking you for trusting us with your cash payment. Make sure to wrap your money in a carbon paper or tin foil, and place it inside an envelope. Upon checkout, you will receive an address to where your cash payment should be sent. Please AVOID SENDING COINS.

Note: There is no need to include the detail of orders since we have already kept your order number in our files. All you have to do is place your order number inside the envelope.

marijuana seeds cash payment


The best payment option available. Anonymous, fast and no middlemen who take a cut of the transaction value.

These days, a lot of people have been transacting using Bitcoin. It is referred to as a currency of the new world. You can now pay using Bit Coins in your transactions with Dbelles. During the payment, please follow the instructions accordingly.

Buy Marijuana Seeds using bitcoin


We also accept Visa and MasterCard payments. However, please note that our bank charges us with a 10% service fee for all your payments. As such, this fee will also be passed to you. If you do not want to pay this fee, you may send cash for your payment.

Buy Marijuana Seeds using Credit Card

EMT INTERAC PAYMENTS (for customers in Canada)

If you are ordering from Canada, you can use EMT Interac Payments. All you need to do is to login to your Canadian bank account, and setup an Email transfer going to the email address which we will provide to you.

Note: EMT transactions may take a few hours before we receive it. Upon receiving your payment, we will ship your order right away, in the same day.

Buy marijuana seeds using interac

Western Union

You can use your bank account or creditcard to transfer money with Western Union to our bank account. Using a creditcard it takes 24 hours for the transaction to be completed. Using your bank with Western Union takes 48 hours.

buy marijuana seeds using western union


Orders will be shipped worldwide on business days as soon the payment has been received. We will provide you with track and trace information so you can always check the status of your order. The shipping time does not only depend on our postal services, but ofcourse also on your local postal services. Therefore, we can only give an estimated shipping time.


Your order will be packed in a very discrete way. It will look just like the regular mail you receive now and then. Be aware the package you will receive may not look like it is send by us.