AK-47 Feminized


The AK-47 strain is one of the most favored marijuana strains for its indica and sativa traits. In fact, AK-47 is the only marijuana strain who has gained multiple awards for being the best Sativa and the best Indica. Now, this well-loved marijuana strain is available as a feminized variety.

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Strong is the perfect word to describe this strain. It is adored for its strong taste and aroma, a tang of citrus with a distinct pungent aroma similar those of sour berries’ and cherries’. As for the effect, this strain is known to be named after a deadly weapon which delivers one hit.

The stone this specific strain creates is an intense head high that instantly clouds your mind with a fog. Its sativa heritage has gifted her ability to create an uplifting, motivated, and happy feeling while generally relaxing the body after a few tokes.

This strain is also perfect for those who seek a medical grade strain which can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and mild to moderate pain. Due to its one hit wonder, heavy toking will often lead to a couch locked feeling, leading its users into a pleasant soft snooze, making it a great sleep aid too.

As plants, the AK-47 feminized seed strains grow into moderately sized plants which are adored for its quick harvest time rare for Sativa strains. Not just that, this strain doesn’t also provide massive yields but also rewards its growers with a high quality harvest.


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Tips of Growing AK-47 Feminized

One of the main considerations when growing this strain is maintaining a good air circulation, especially for indoor growers due to its thick and abundantly resinous buds. Advanced growers recommend growing this type of strain in a significantly cool environment about below 75 °F to encourage formation of thick buds. Its flowering time takes at least 8 to 10 weeks.