Amnesia Haze Auto Flowering Feminized


The strain is created by crossing Amnesia Haze and a Ruderalis plant. As a result, it becomes an autoflowering strain that will start producing flowers in a shorter period of time. It is mostly Sativa that appears to be promising. It can provide a delicious taste with powerful effects.

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During the growth period of the strain, it will have similar looks with Amnesia. The leaves are dark green in color that is narrow and long. The buds and the flowers of the plant will also create a foxtail-shape when grown under perfect conditions.

Because the strain is mostly sativa, you will notice common features of a sativa strain such as large and narrow leaves, tall in height, and buds that are long and stretched. It can reach the height from 80 up to 150 centimeters.

Smoking the strain can provide a cerebral high and can also cause euphoria. You can immediately feel the effects that cause your mind to become active and alert. It can also make you feel creative with a short-term memory effect.

Users might experience headaches but later on feel relieved and relaxed. It can be used in alleviating anxiety, stress, and can also improve appetite. It is ideal for experienced smokers because of its high THC content.


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Tips on Growing Amnesia Haze Auto Flowering Feminized

The strain can be grown indoors and outdoors as well as in greenhouses. If you will provide it with sufficient amount of light, it can easily reach maturity. You also have to supply the strain with enough nutrients for better results. It is advisable that you should not disturb the plants during its vegetative stage so you can easily plant it to its final pot.

You have to avoid over feeding the plant because it is very sensitive. It can yield from 30g up to 150g per plant depending on how you will grow it. Amnesia Haze Auto Feminized will only take 10 to 11 weeks for it to reach full maturity shorter than the Amnesia Haze that requires 12 weeks to flower.