Blue Cheese Feminized


The Blue Cheese is an Indica-dominant strain that is known to be super potent and has quite an exceptional flavor. It is a combination of two powerhouse strains, Blueberry and Cheese, which seems to have the qualities of both and was implied to be better than the two. After the crossing of these two breeds, the product strain was then backcrossed with Cheese in an effort to genetically stabilize and improve the taste and effect of the strain.

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The aroma of Blue Cheese is a sweet and savory smell of cheese with a hint of blueberry which is quite pungent. This combination creates a unique and creamy flavor similar to an original cheese. Its heavy indica high will also help you feel calm and relaxed by the end of the day.

For most, this strain is a very nice day time strain because Blue Cheese’s high is also smooth and very functional. It can increase your focus, creativity and energy levels by giving the body a relaxed, calm state. It is very comforting and can drive you to accomplish more things throughout the day.

Blue Cheese plants develop round swirls of fat flowers that display noticeably purple colors near the end of their flowering phase. The plants also have close inter node gaps which make it ideal to be grown through Sea of Green method. When these plants are grown indoors through Sea of Green method, you can maximize the light absorption and expect them to develop mature flowers after 8 to 10 weeks.


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Tips on Growing Blue Cheese Feminized

One important consideration that you must think when growing this strain is its smell which can be a disadvantage if you’re planning to grow this outdoors. Blue Cheese offers generous amounts of yields compared to some of its kind that is why it is one of the favorites of some commercial growers out there. In addition, any grower can grow this strain with ease because it is fairly versatile and forgiving to most common rookie growers’ mistakes.