Blue Dream Auto Flowering


The Blue Dream strain has several phenotypes. Some of it displays an indica appearance, but majority of it are sativa leaning varieties. Redolent of its parent, the Blue Dream strain is an appropriate symptom relief for patients experiencing pain, nausea, anxiety and other illnesses that require high THC levels.

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Blue Dream Auto belongs to an auto-flowering variety derived from crossing Blue Dream and Ruderalis cannabis strains.

Simply, Blue Dream Auto is the fast flowering version of the original Blue Dream strain. It is one of the highest yielding marijuana strains that could offer you the best of both sativa and indica effects. Predominantly a sativa, it produces pure euphoric effects accompanied by a total relaxing feeling coming from its indica lineage.

The smoke coming from the Blue Dream Auto strain is smooth which coats the mouth with the sweet goodness of real blueberry taste upon the exhale. It is really potent and very heady then gradually relaxes the body without the sedating effects. It helps its users stay goal oriented and focused all throughout the day.

Blue Dream Auto is both suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. It produces high yields of tasty buds rich in resins. Bred to be a hardy plant, this strain is suitable for all levels of growers and yields generous amounts of produce once given the proper amount of attention.


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Tips on Growing Blue Dream Auto Flowering

Growers of Blue Dream Auto recommend mixing 30% of coco in the soil and watering it frequently in small amounts. It is well suited for Sea of Green (SoG) method of growing cannabis plants. We must also remember that this strain could stretch greatly during the flowering stage, so plan ahead of time to prepare your space when growing indoors.

Lastly, growers must also watch out for spider mites infestations and powdery mildew since this strain is quite susceptible for the formation of those.