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Blue Dream is one of the best tasting sativas out there. Its buds are covered with sticky resins and bright orange hair-like pistils. The strain is used mostly by medical marijuana patients as their morning medication because of its pain relieving and stress lifting effects.

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The Blue Dream strain is a very strong medicine and wraps its users with very warm euphoric effects. It is an effective energy booster and rewards its users with a happy, relaxed and focused disposition while enhancing creativity. In addition, Blue Dream is also an effective appetite stimulant for most people who are suffering from nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

Blue Dream listed as a sativa marijuana strain in most dispensaries. However, if you will dig deeper upon its origins, you will find that this is a hybrid strain of Blue Berry and Super Silver Haze making it a 60/40 variety.
Blue Dream’s smell is very rich with sweet berry aroma and the taste of real blueberries that lingers on the tongue long after you have smoked it. This strain is definitely one of the best day time strains for its thought provoking, relaxing and stress free effects that will make you work and accomplish more tasks in a day.

True to its sativa heritage, it grows long, narrow-leafed, and lanky branches that ends in heavy and long colas. Commercial growers love cultivating this strain because it produces buds of top quality that both cannabis connoisseurs and medical marijuana patients love.

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Tips on Growing Blue Dream Feminized

Ideally, Blue Dream performs well when grown indoors and through hydroponics. Although it can also be grown outdoors, Blue Dream marijuana plants have less resistance to pests, diseases and molds. Nevertheless, we still recommend cultivating this strain on the soil for that enhanced unique flavor most fanatics seek in a Blue Dream strain.