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The Blueberry strain is famous for its fruity, blueberry taste and smell. It is an indica dominant hybrid perfected in the late 1970s and has won the Best Indica Award in the High Time’s Cannabis Cup 2000. Since then, the demands for the original Blueberry strain have continued to increase year by year and now, the legendary strain is available as feminized seeds!

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True with its name, the Blueberry strain is the loveliest and most colorful cannabis seed strains of today. Its long history can be tracked back when DJ Short, a cannabis breeder was working with multiple exotic landrace marijuana strains from Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand. However, throughout the years, Blueberry’s genetics have been tossed around because of DJ Shorts connections with different breeders and seed banks.

Regardless, the Blueberry strain remained enduring and powerful with its long lasting and euphoric high as evidence. Newbies, Connoisseur and experience growers alike are always impressed by its colorful display of hues and mind blowing levels of THC, while medical marijuana users admire this strain for its ability to relieve stress and alleviate symptoms like pain.

Blueberry marijuana seeds produce stout and dense plants with distinct purple, red and bluish tints. Although she may not be suitable for an inexperienced grower, Blueberry cannabis strain repays an experienced grower with incomparably top quality buds. The plants usually take 55 flowering days to finally achieve the perfect taste and aroma it can offer.

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Tips on Growing Blueberry Feminized

Mostly, growers of Blueberry like to germinate a few numbers of seeds to look for a perfect mother plant for cloning. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors although an outdoor environment can be most ideal for this plant to achieve the best flavor and aroma. Its yields could be greatly improved when using the Sea of Green (SoG) method of growing cannabis.