Bubba Kush Auto Flowering


Bubba Kush Auto is a delight to indica lovers for being a high quality hybrid of Bubba Kush combined with a Ruderalis variety. It was specifically created to provide an auto version of the world renowned Californian Indica, recognized by most advanced growers and the general public alike.

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Bubba Kush Auto is a fast-flowering, wonderful, easy to grow and very resilient plant, resistant to most plant pests and molds. It is known for its strong flavor and smell, with some notes of sweetness and earthy taste. Bubba Kush’s effects are long lasting, powerful and soothing and it is the perfect choice for relaxing, unwinding or as medicine.

This auto flowering strain is a great pain relief and relaxation aid. It also has anti depressant properties that can cause an instant elevation in mood, making it perfect for patients who are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

As plants, Bubba Kush Auto seeds grow into a strong, small marijuana plants ideal for growing indoors in a small, limited space. It can also be grown unnoticed outdoors because of its size. When given the proper amount of attention, this marijuana strain yields generous amounts of resin coated buds of top notch quality.


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Tips on Growing Bubba Kush Auto Flowering

Bubba Kush is suitable for all types of growers. It would only take her 65 days to complete flowering time and be able to bear large amounts of thick buds. It can be grown in windows, terraces, balconies and even in gardens through discreet gardening.

Like most marijuana strains, Bubba Kush requires proper care and oxygenation from the soil. Most growers recommend adding at least 30% of coco to the soil medium to improve the soil quality. Lastly, this strain grows well when given an ample amount of attention with regular watering schedule.