Girl Scout Cookies Regular


Nearly all cannabis connoisseurs know about the Girl Scout Cookies strain. It has taken the world by storm since it hit the stage a few years back.

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The real reason behind why Girl Scout Cookies is very popular is due to its solid mix of genetics. It was the result of cross breeding two legendary strains namely, OG Kush and Durban Poison X F1 (F1 Durban).

Because this strain is significantly new to the market, it hasn’t really been stabilized yet. Due to this, it has a few numbers of phenotypes floating around with Thin Mints, Platinum Cookies and the Forum Cut as examples. Due to this reason, it has resulted to a huge deal of confusion about which is the original Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Nevertheless, for real cannabis connoisseurs, the flavor of Girl Scout Cookies is unmistakable. Its signature flavor displays strong taste of sweet pastries and earthy aroma which is packed more like of an authentic OG flavor.

The overall appearance of GSC is simply spectacular. It exhibits some variations of light green wrapped in purple leaves and orange hairs and its fresh scent is quite distinct as well.

Little is definitely more when smoking this indica dominant hybrid since its soaring THC content led this legendary strain to gain numbers of Cannabis Cup Awards. It is known to produce a spacey cerebral high accompanied by a full body wrap, making it hard for some to concentrate for a few minutes.

Since then, GSC has been a popular go-to treatment of patients experiencing severe pain, chronic anxiety, stress and depression.


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Tips on Growing Girl Scout Cookies Regular

As seeds, GSC grows into short statured cannabis plants. It can generate 25-30 grams of average yields per plant and grows well in a SOG set up. Its flowering time takes up to 9 to 10 weeks before you can finally have you harvest.

When growing outdoors, GSC strain thrives well under a Mediterranean climate and prefers just the moderate amounts of fertilizers.