Green Crack Feminized


Green Crack is a popular cannabis variety which was created as a mix of Skunk #1 and an unknown Afghani strain.
The Green Crack strain was branched into a Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant genetic lineages. However, the most popular of which is the Sativa line which has descended from Skunk #1 while the indica variety came from its Afghani parent.

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Green Crack grows wonderfully into medium to big sized plants with open structures and thin, long leaves. It grows very rapidly that is why growers are recommended to manipulate its growth to accommodate enough space for the flowering period.

One of the finest traits of Green Crack is its thick resin production and its potency supported by more than 18% THC levels. In addition, it grows generous amounts of yields and flowers quickly, making her one of the best cash croppers among different marijuana strains.

Green Crack thrives very well in an indoor set up both through hydroponics systems or soil mediums. However, if you really want to preserve its distinct flavor, we recommend that you plant it on soil. It is suitable both for advanced and beginner growers and it makes a nice candidate for SOG (Sea of Green method) as well as cloning.

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Tips on Growing Green Crack Feminized

In a nice indoor set up, it only takes her at least 55 to 65 days to full develop into a mature plant. This variety is known for emitting an intense fruity flavor and aroma that resembles to a mango, pineapple, incense and exotic woods.

The effects produced through smoking this kind creates a stimulating, intense euphoric high accompanied by a very relaxed physical high. However, overindulgence may bring a mind-warping effect, making you feel spacey and may keep you up for a while that is why using this strain as a night time medicine is quite not recommended.