Jack Herer Auto Flowering


The original Jack Herer is a marijuana strain that comes from the combination of a Haze hybrid with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross. This very popular sativa dominant marijuana strain has acquired its name from a very famous marijuana activist which is also the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”

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This famous individual is also known to many as “The Hemperor” as it is thanks to him that many countries in the world today has stopped shaming cannabis and started to recognize its benefits. His published book was said to be the strong foundation which paved the way to marijuana acceptance and recognition and started the legalization movement of the herb.

The Jack Herer strain has various phenotypes, each possessing their own unique characteristics, qualities and effects. The cerebral high produced by this amazing strain is the same as the original, producing a happy, clear-headed and creative kind which many marijuana users are very fond of.

Jack Herer was born in the Netherlands in the mid 1990s and was produced and distributed by Dutch pharmacies later on as a legitimate medical grade strain. It was widely popular back in the days and has gained multiple awards since its creation. The spicy and piney scent of this sativa is one of the most sought after qualities of this strain.


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Tips on Growing Jack Herer Auto Flowering

Since this is an autoflowering srain, Jack Herer Auto is able to perform well both indoors and outdoors. These plants do not take up to much space and could reach a height of up to 40-90 cm. After germination, the plants take up as little as 10 weeks and they can be now ready for harvest.

These Jack Herer Autoflowering species are Indica or Sativa Plants which are crossbred with Ruderalis. Ruderalis are cannabis plants that commonly grows in places where there is shorter summer but the daylight of each day are longer, from 22 to 24 hours per day. These plants automatically flowers from 2 to 4 weeks.