Lemon Kush Feminized


This strain is mostly Indica and can be found in the mountain ranges of Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is created by crossing the Pakistani Lemon Kush and the OG Kush feminized. The buds are small and dense and with plenty of resins. It has a fruity aroma and a strong lemon flavor with a hint of spices.

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Users can experience a cerebral effect after smoking the strain and can also put them into deep relaxation. Having a THC level of 18% is enough to put the smokers on their knees. The indica side of the strain can cause a couch lock effect while its sativa properties can make the users feel creative and uplifted.

The strain also has its medical properties and can be used in treating migraines, inflammation, muscle tension, and chronic pain. However, the use of Lemon Kush feminized also has its side effects that include an occasional headache, paranoia, dizziness, dry eyes and dry mouth.

It is one of the favorite of medical connoisseurs in Poland because of the kind of high it gives. It is suitable for places that have Mediterranean climate or where the citrus grow. It can produce a yield of 1k per plant and can be harvested at the end of September.


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Tips on Growing Lemon Kush Feminized

The strain can be grown indoor, outdoor, and even in greenhouse cultivation. It thrives well in places with warmer climates and will only take an average of 60 days to fully mature. Growers can get excellent results if they will grow the strain indoor using organic soil while supplying it with sufficient amount of nutrients.

You can also provide the plants with plenty of magnesium, calcium, and nitrogen. The yields that it can produce can reach up to 450 g/m² with a height of 100-150cm. You can achieve maximum yield per plant if you will apply the super-cropping technique with a longer vegetative stage. This is an ideal strain for beginners and well-experienced growers.