Lemon Kush Headband Feminized


Lemon Kush Headband Feminized is a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain. It is the result from crossing a 215 Super-bud elite clone, an original OG and a Headband. The most demanding of growers are quite satisfied and impressed with the quality of this amazing marijuana strain.

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Lemon Kush Headband is a high-yielding Sativa-dominant cannabis strain which can grow to be a vigorous, strong and powerful plant. Its flowering time is quite fast compared to other strains and this plant is very easy to grow. Most growers, even novices, find this strain quite convenient since it is very forgiving to mistakes made by beginners.

The great aroma and taste of Lemon Kush Headband cannabis strain has a great complexity which results to even greater effect. This is well-favored by growers as it is an outstanding plant that produces large, elongated buds. At first glance, you will instantly recognize the features of its parents which can definitely lead you to think of their amazing qualities and effects.

The aroma that Lemon Kush Headband cannabis strain gives off is very strong and its flavor has quite a sour, citrusy taste. When smoked, this strain provides a very powerful and long-lasting cerebral high. This strain is usually recommended to be taken when you need to have a relaxing moment with your friends.


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Tips on Growing Lemon Kush Headband Feminized

Lemon Kush Headband cannabis seed can grow to be a very sturdy plant that responds well to temperate climates like the Mediterranean because of its high resistance to mold and other diseases making it suitable for an outdoor/greenhouse setting. It is known to grow considerably tall later on so it is suggested that the growing period should only be set in a short period when this strain is planted indoors. Its homogeneity and other excellent qualities is quite admirable and amazing.