Northern Lights Feminized


The Northern Lights strain is an indica-dominant hybrid (95% indica, 5% sativa) that is very famous among marijuana users. In fact, the Northern Lights’ genes have a great contribution to most legendary strains of this date.

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A true classic and legendary indica, the Northern Lights strain is now available in feminized variety! It is one of the best-selling indica strains and is known for yielding massive buds. It grows an average size which is neither too big nor small, making it highly suitable for indoor growers.

Exceptional as a huge yielder, its buds are also popular for its potency and quality. It grows as strong, uniformed plants and produces loads of glittering trichomes as soon as flowering has been initiated. The Northern Lights is a very resilient marijuana strain known to be very resistant to pests, molds and even forgiving to most common grower mistakes.

The stone effect of smoking the Northern Lights strain will put you into a very lazy mode as if you want nothing more to do than to relax, sit on the couch or even go straight to sleep. Medical marijuana users have proven that the Northern Lights strain is effective in managing insomnia, stress, anxiety, arthritis and other problems which include painful symptoms.


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Tips on Growing Northern Lights Feminized

As indica seeds, the Northern Lights strain have a small stature which is perfect for indoor growing and a SOG set-up may be applicable. Using SOG will help your plants produce greater yields. You can grow them in pots and grow boxes as they only need a little amount of space.

As a result of years of breeding experiments, the Northern Lights strain is now more enhance and has become more compact, fast flowering and produces highly resinous buds upon harvest time. It can be harvested early, although some growers wait for up to 75 days of full maturing process for that real connoisseur quality!