OG Kush Auto Flowering


OG Kush Auto is a feminized, auto-flowering variety of OG Kush coming from the mix between an OG Kush and a Haze 2.0 Auto flowering strain. The result is a vigorous, easy to grow, and high-quality marijuana plant that has the ability to yield massive and dense buds covered in sticky resin.

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Anyone who smokes marijuana probably has heard the strain OG Kush. In fact, this is one of the most popular strains among experienced marijuana users. It is beloved for its ability to create a heavy euphoria while crushing all body ailments and stress.

The most distinct trait of OG is its very strong, dank, earthy, and citrus aroma, almost comparable to a fuel or a strong detergent. Its taste is almost as strong as it smells with an earthy and citrusy aftertaste. Although its effects can be thought as Sativa, OG Kush’s genetics dictate that it is mostly indica.

Now that this popular strain already has an auto flowering version, OG Kush Auto enables its grower to obtain fast and good results even in small indoor spaces. It finishes at an average of 75 day mark and can stretch compared to others that is why staking is really recommended.


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Tips of Growing OG Kush Auto Flowering

You can do some training and super cropping techniques in order to produce dense and bushy marijuana plants and to produce more budding heads for greater yields.

Most Kush varieties often consume tons of nutrients during their growing period that is why some growers prefer cultivating them through hydroponics systems. Through this, the roots of the plants are given much allowance to grow and seek for the right amounts of nutrients without having to seek nutrients through soil and other soil-based mediums.

Nevertheless, this strain can strive very well either indoors or outdoors and on soil or in soilless mediums. It is an extremely beginner friendly variety making it a good choice for novice growers.