OG Kush Feminized


OG Kush is an incomparable strain for its unique taste and aroma. It has become very popular around the world even if it’s true genetics remain a top secret.

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Others say that this special strain came from the mix of Chemdawg, Pakistani Kush and a Lemon Thai. Regardless, what’s agreeable is that this strain became well known because of its strong, dank effects both mind blowing and body relaxing at the same time.

OG Kush is also popular to medical marijuana patients. It has a great effect on stress, pain, anxiety and other negative effects of chemotherapy and a wise choice for treating PMS, ADHD and PTSD.

Although OG Kush Fem’s features display more of a sativa, its genetics suggest that it’s more of an indica dominant strain. It is known to have impressively high levels of THC, making it superior among other Kush varieties. For that reason, OG Kush makes a very suitable day time strain as this creates a very energetic and uplifting kind of high.

OG Kush Fem creates a harsh smoke which really deadens ones’ senses. That is one trait common to most Kush varieties and OG Kush is just one of them. However, one unique trait exclusive to OG Kush is its citrusy, sour taste and scent which definitely provides an instant boost in energy.


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Tips on Growing OG Kush Feminized

As seeds, The OG Kush feminized strain grow into fast-flowering, stunning and medium sized marijuana plants which generously yields compact and trichome-rich buds. Known for its unique scent, growing OG Kush Fem requires odor filters to contain its signature intoxicating scent.

It performs very well when planted both indoors and outdoors especially when grown through SoG method. When growing outdoors, a sunny Mediterranean climate will nurture these precious plants just right and would reward its growers with generous yields of top quality!