Pineapple Express Feminized


One of the most popular strains in marijuana history, Pineapple Express has been among the favorites by many marijuana users because of its famous pineapple taste and fast acting effects. A sweet pineapple taste will burst in your mouth as soon as you inhale it and will start to smell like fresh mango, pine and a little hint of cedar before your exhale.

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A surge of a stimulating sensation and at the same time, a calming effect can be felt upon smoking this strain. Most users have reported to have experienced an increase in creativity, focus and awareness while still, this strain will be most beneficial for medical patients experiencing discomforts brought about by painful symptoms.

Pineapple Express’ medical benefits are under-hyped though. It is known to be an effective pain reliever which can also help reduce stress and depression. Other users are suggesting it would be a good appetite booster as many of them experienced “munchies” after using it. It also helps people who are having difficulties in sleeping and would be a good treatment for insomnia.

Regardless, Pineapple Express is a powerful strain that produces an energy buzz which can last up to 2 hours or so. This strain contains up to 17% THC and a CBD of 0.17% typical of a sativa-dominant hybrid.


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Tips on Growing Pineapple Express Feminized

As plants, the Pineapple Express strain has an average flowering time of 58 days and can produce great amount of yields when grown in either an indoor or an outdoor setting. These plants are strong and sturdy which makes it popular for novice and experienced growers. Soil mixes are commonly used when planting this strain but other methods are being used as well.

When grown indoors, this plant will produce a yield of up to 400 grams per square meter and would provide more when topped and then supercropped. Overall, the Pineapple Express strain is an excellent product in its own way and will prove to be one of the most effective alternatives for many medical conditions.