Purple Haze Feminized


This is a sativa dominant strain that originated from crossing Purple Thai and Haze. The smell and aroma of the strain are sweet and earthy. You will notice that the color of the strain is darker and also changes depending on the temperature in your place. It is also covered with trichomes and the buds have orange hairs.

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It is a powerful strain that can provide the users with a euphoric high that can put you to relaxation in the end. It produces a smooth and tasty smoke that is unique because if its sativa genes. With the potency of the strain, a lot of smokers enjoy smoking Purple Haze.

The effects of the strain are not only for recreational purposes because it can also be used in treating various conditions such as stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. It is also an effective solution when dealing with nausea, migraines, and lack of appetite.

This is not difficult to grow and can survive when place in an indoor and outdoor environment. It will take 50 to 65 days for the strain to produce flowers with a yield of 300-400 grams. They can grow taller and can reach up to 150cm in height.


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Tips on Growing Purple Haze Feminized

The strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. However, most of the growers prefer growing the plant indoors because it can develop well in a controlled environment. If you can spend more time vegetating the plants, then you can expect harvesting a higher amount of yields.
It is also advisable that growers should monitor the lighting, moisture, temperature, and also the pH level of the soil when growing the strain. This plant is easy to maintain and a great strain for beginners and well-experienced growers. If you want to try outdoor growing, a warm climate is perfect for the strain.