Sour Diesel Auto Feminized


The Sour Diesel Auto Fem is an auto flowering cannabis variety which resulted from cross breeding Sour Diesel to a Haze 2.0 Auto. This is an excellent quality marijuana variety bringing the same quality of the famous Californian hybrid just with an auto-flowering capability.

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Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant strain which is noticeable both in its structure of growth and powerful euphoric high. It grows quite bigger than most auto flowering strains and can reach up to 5 feet or so, especially when grown outdoors.

Suggestive of its “Diesel” heritage, Sour Diesel is known to have some aromatic and pungent smell. The flavor can be described as sharp that has some hints of diesel we all crave and love. It produces a heady, relaxing bake making this strain good for sharing with friends or simply for accomplishing some tasks.

Common in auto flowering strains, Sour Diesel Auto is very easy to grow and recommended for beginner growers. The plants usually develop highly resinous and sticky buds over the course of 10 weeks flowering phase, making of about 12 weeks average life cycle starting from germination up to harvest.

It is easy to get impressive yields when growing this strain. Most growers do not recommend topping or training this variety. Mixing 30 percent of coco to the soil is also recommended by most growers to improve oxygenation in the soil.


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Tips on Growing Sour Diesel Auto Feminized

Sour Diesel marijuana seeds grow well either planted indoors or outdoors. However, when growing outdoors, ensure that you have a warm climate almost comparable to Spain or California.
Unlike other cannabis strains, Sour Diesel requires very little intervention. It thrives well enough by just feeding her on a regular basis using moderate amounts of fertilizers and frequent watering of small amounts of water.

This strain will never disappoint when it comes to yields as this strain always delivers compact and resinous buds of top quality.