Trainwreck Feminized


The history of Trainwreck strain is widely debated up until now. But the most popular belief is that this strain came from the cultivation of Mexican and Thai lowland strains which were then cloned after its genetics has already stabilized.

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Trainwreck strain is impressively potent hybrid marijuana popular among experienced and medical marijuana users alike. It has risen into fame over a few decades ago for having one of the most unique taste and aroma within the cannabis spectrum.

The smell of Trainwreck can be hard to distinguish. With some fruity, peppery, skunky and catpiss funk, its unique fragrance always satisfies. When smoked, she will give you a piney, peppery taste with some spicy undertones. A few tokes create a soaring, happy head high which is ideal for unleashing some creativity or having a great conversation with some friends.

On the other hand, this mistress also allows the body to chill out, relax and appreciate the world around. These traits make it ideal for medical marijuana users seeking for relief from physical pain, stress and anxiety. Like any powerful strains, too much indulgence of Trainwreck could also send you into couch lock, taking away your ability to function for a while.


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Tips on Growing Trainwreck Feminized

This special marijuana strain grows into tall, elegant marijuana plants. Specifically, Trainwreck feminized grows in a vine-like manner which makes her ideal for ScroGging method. Forgiving as it is to most novice growing mistakes, she is an easy grower and flowers relatively quick with high yields.

These traits make her an ideal plant for cultivation for commercial, veteran and novice growers alike. This also makes her to be suitable for indoor, outdoor and green house cultivation. Its flowering time takes roughly about 63 days and the plants’ heights can reach for up to 1-1.5 meters.

If treated with respect and proper care, this specific strain can repays its cultivators with yields ranging from 500-700 grams per square meter.