White Rhino Feminized


It is an indica dominant strain that is created by crossing a hybrid of White Widow and a Canadian Indica seed. The leaves are wide and form side branches giving her a bushy appearance. It also has thick buds that are covered with resin while producing a sweet smell with a fruity taste.

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Smoking the strain can cause a couch lock effect and relaxes your body. It can also make you feel sleepy because of its indica property. It works well in a bong because of its slightly harsh smoke and stony buzz. New smokers don’t have to worry about the effects because they can still manage the hit.

The strain can be used for medical purposes such as treating pain and sleeping disorders like insomnia. It is also considered as an effective mood enhancer and can relieve nausea, anxiety, stress, and migraine. Some use the strain as an appetite-stimulant. The usual side effects of smoking the strain are dry eyes and mouth, headaches, and paranoia.

It is easy to grow the strain and can produce a yield of 900g/m2 in indoor growing while 1200g/m2 for outdoor growing. It will take 9 weeks for the flowering period and will be ready for a harvest in October when grown outdoors.


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Tips on Growing White Rhino Feminized

The strain can easily adapt to harsh environments and can also thrive well in a grow box. You can also improve the yields by using different techniques such as Sea of Green, Screen of Green, and hydro systems. Even if the strain can grow using indoor and outdoor growing, it is recommended that you cultivate it indoor to get excellent results.

With the tough nature of the strain, it is perfect in places with northern climates. Outdoor growing will require you to supply the plants with enough light, nutrients, water, and fertilizer while using the right soil. It is also an advantage that the strain is resistant to molds.