White Widow Auto Feminized


As one of the most popular names in the Dutch coffee shop scene, White Widow strain has held its reputation being a very powerful and potent marijuana variety. Basing on the success of the strain’s regular and feminized version, here comes the birth of White Widow Auto Fem variety.

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White Widow Auto Fem is an autoflowering, feminized cannabis strain which was the result of mixing an original White Widow and a Ruderalis variety. The result is a powerful hybrid that displays the strength and appeal of the original White Widow but now in a strain that even easier and faster to cultivate!

As strong as ever, the White Widow Auto Fem strain creates a powerful buzz which instantly boosts energy and is very social. Being mostly indica, it also produces a complex body stone then followed by a clear headed high. The effects are noted to last for several hours.

This perfectly created hybrid grows well in any environmental set up either indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. WW Auto Fem seeds are expected to grow into medium sized plants reaching to a height of 50 to 110 cm.
As an Autoflowering variety, White Widow Auto Fem’s flowering time begins as soon as after 3 to 4 weeks of vegetation. Then, the flowering period lasts for at least 7 weeks or so, making of at least 9 weeks crop time for this variety.


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Tips on Growing White Widow Auto Feminized

Because light cycles doesn’t interfere with this strains, White Widow Auto Fem has the ability to accomplish its flowering period undisturbed making photoperiod schedules less of a concern for growers. For that reason, this special seed strain is highly recommended for all types of growers, even for those which have lesser experience.

For outdoor growing, WW Auto Fem loves sunny, warm climates making it possible for growers to harvest twice in just one summer. While for indoor gardeners, they can be rewarded with at least 3 to 4 times of harvests all year round.